A Seasonal Study of an Imaginary Forest by Jon Ashcroft

Fall in Los Angeles doesn’t really seem to hit until early Novemeber, but every now and then you have to wear a hoodie and you remember it’s not always summer here. I’m actually looking forward to fall and winter and getting bundled up, and the illustration above by Jon Ashcroft is a suitable reminder that it’s gonna be getting cold soon. I love how vertical this is, for lack of a better word, and the colors are totally spot on and beautiful. I want a print of this Jon!


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Kitsune Noir + Poketo Present The SPACETIME Collection

Today I’m extremely happy to announce a brand new project from Kitsune Noir and Poketo called SPACETIME, a collection of wall decals, wallets and t-shirts from artists Cody Hudson, Mike Perry, Damien Correll and Andy Miller. Almost 6 months ago to the day Poketo asked me if I’d be interested in curating a line of products with them, and being such a huge fan of their previous work, I of course said yes!

So I set to work trying to come up with a theme, something that would be open enough to let the artists work freely but still have some sort of constraints to work in. I decided on SPACETIME simply because I though it was a cool phrase, and I thought that having artists create around the concepts of space and time could be interesting.

From there I chose a ton of my favorite artists, then narrowed it down with Ted and Angie from Poketo to our favorite four: Cody Hudson, Mike Perry, Damien Correll and Andy Miller. If you’re a regular reader, you know I post about these guys a lot, and that’s because I’ve been a fan of their respective works for a long time, so getting to work with them on this was pretty awesome.

We have three products from each artist available. First there’s a wall cling, which is actually a 4 pack, and you get a set of clings or stickers from each artist. As you can see from the photos above, it gives you quite a bit of flexibility to create your own little galaxy. Next up is a wallet which comes with custom designs on each side. Last is a t-shirt with yet another different graphic on it, and all of them look really great.

You can click here to visit the SPACETIME shop and pick up your own goodies.

I hope you enjoy what we’ve created. This is only the start of interesting and fun products from Kitsune Noir, so be ready!


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The Desktop Wallpaper Project: SPACETIME Special Edition

The Desktop Wallpaper Project: SPACETIME Special Edition

Cody Hudson

This week we have special edition SPACETIME wallpapers from the SPACETIME artists, Cody Hudson, Mike Perry, Damien Correll and Andy Miller. Of the four only Cody hasn’t created a wallpaper for the DWP before, but the other guys have and it’s awesome to get yet another awesome desktop from them.

Mike Perry
Damien Correll
Andy Miller

The desktop wallpapers this week were images used as a part of the SPACETIME Collection, so no only can you stick/wear/stow these designs, you can have them up on your computer. And depending upon your style, you can go simple with either Cody or Mike’s designs, or be a little more adventurous with Damien or Andy’s vibrant wallpapers.

There are even more amazing wallpaper coming up in the next couple months, so be sure to check back next week for more digital goodies.

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The Third and The Seventh

When I first saw the video above, I thought it must be some well put together clips of a fancy museum that I’d never heard of or been to. But incredibly it’s all computer graphics, and not a bit of it is real. Is your jaw sitting on the floor yet?

This was created by Alex Roman, which isn’t his real name, he was born Jorge Seva, but Alex Roman is his creative name. He was born in Spain in 1979, trained to be a classical painter but after college ended up at a visual effects company. The market in Spain wasn’t exactly booming for computer graphics artists so he took a year long sabbatical and started a project of his own, which he’s called The Third and The Seventh.

When watching the video it becomes apparent that he’s trained in painting, as light and lighting is such a key element. It almost feels like the lighting of each of the scenes is the character in the video, playing the most vital role.

I’ve posted more videos under the cut which give you an even broader look at what Alex is capable of. I highly suggest taking the time to sit down and enjoy each and every one of these. For more insight into Alex’s work be sure to check out this interview he did with Motionographer, where I got most of the above information.

Found through Ministry of Type

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Courier, Microsoft’s New Booklet Computer

The folks over at Gizmodo are reporting that Microsoft has created a new type of portable computer, not a tablet, but a booklet. Simply called Courier, this little device is definitely different from what people were expecting from either Microsoft or Apple, but my dreams of having Penny’s book computer from Inspector Gadget may be finally coming true. I’ve decided to write up my likes and worries about the device, but first you should visit Gizmodo and watch the video with the Courier in action.

First off I love the idea of this in general. Having a little computer book to carry around could be really great and save space in my bag. I love that you can not only use your fingers but a stylus as well, and I’d wager that it’ll be a multi-touch display, as evidenced by the pinching and dragging. I like the idea of a built-in camera, though I’m not sure how often I’d use it if I have my iPhone in my pocket. Having access to my contacts and maps is a no-brainer as well, so obviously this thing has WiFi support as well.

Okay, so now my worries and concerns. First, I would definitely point out that the video is completely computer generated. I’m doubtful that the screens are going to be that bright and vibrant, though I could definitely be wrong. There’s also the issue of speed and how quickly the system will react to touch. The video makes it look absolutely seamless, but yet again, who knows? I’m also quite curious to see how it actually feels in your hands, whether it will fit snugly or if it could be bulky and feel awkward. There are no spec sizes so far, so it’s hard to say. It also has writing recognition, which I feel is still a sketchy area to dabble in. My 84 year old grandmother has crazy, cursive handwriting, would it work on there?

Coming from a big Apple geek, I will definitely say that this looks absolutely amazing and holds a ton of promise. If this was Apple I would be absolutely drooling, knowing that they’ve meticulously crafted this baby into perfection. But Microsoft doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt, especially after Vista. I think that if Microsoft can really do this right then Apple is going to have a serious contender.


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