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Banksy Updates, Most Likely Reads Kitsune Noir*

About a week ago Banksy updated his site with new images from his trip to Africa as well as pieces from his show at the Bristol Museum. Going through the outdoor images I came across this image of a black fox nibbling on Colonel Sanders head, which of course I had to post. I also thought his shop section was a nice touch, especially all the photos of “merchandise.”


*The last part of the title of the blog post is probably, most definitely not true.

Demetrius May

I’m really digging the work of Demetrius May, an Art Center and grad and Los Angeles resident. His paintings feature an odd mixture of nostalgia and pop culture, with halftones and really bright colors being popular themes. The two images above were my favorites, they’re both so bright and almost to the point of being surreal. Imagine one of these blown up to an enormous size and hanging on your wall… people would definitely notice.


Sozi Toys by Rilla Alexander

I grabbed a link from Deanne Cheuk’s twitter last week and it lead me to the work of Rilla Alexander. Rilla is an Australian illustrator currently working in Berlin and she’s also a card carrying member of Rinzen. Browsing through all of her beautiful work I came across these Sozi toys she created with her mother and sister about 8 years ago. They’re made of embroidered wool and are some of the coolest dolls I’ve ever seen.

I really love that they did different versions like the gray one who looks kind of sad and the lightning struck skeleton version is amazing. Look at the “oh shit” look on the cats face! I wish these were for sale, I would snatch them all up.


New Shoes for Autumn: Converse and Palladium

I’m usually a hardcore lover of the summer, but lately I’ve been getting excited at the idea of it getting a bit cooler here in Los Angeles. Well today was the first day that it really started to feel like the season was changing, and I’m quite excited for it. Because of the change, I’ve been thinking about getting some new shoes, so I wanted to share a couple of gems that I have my eyes on.

The first are these silver corduroy low tops by Converse. When I start to think of autumn, I definitely think of corduroy. Plus the color of these, along with the off white of the rubber, the gold eyelets and the black detailing, make this an amazing look shoe. Plus they just look so damn comfy!

The second pair are from a boot manufacturer called Paladium and style is called Pampa. High tops and cold weather and like best friends, and these seem like they could do some serious trudging through some nasty weather. This probably wouldn’t work if you needed to get through snow banks, but they should be able to handle the puddles of Los Angeles without problem.

What’s best of all is that the Converse pair is only $60, and the Palladium’s are $65. Cute, functional and recession friendly.


Sketch Ice Cream

Back in 2003 or so I came across a little ice cream shop in Berkeley called Sketch. It was the first time I had ever seen a “gourmet” ice cream shop. They served ice cream in these bright plastic cups, with bright plastic spoons, and they had crazy flavors like lavender and avocado. They had a giant wooden spoon with Sketch burned into it, the design of the menus was perfect and I was in heaven. Being a kid who grew up in the suburbs of Sacramento this was something that I had never encountered before, and it was just one of the many reasons why I left my little suburban town.

So it’s with much sadness to say that they closed their doors on July 26th of this year. They recently had a beautiful baby girl (the owners were a married couple, I remember talking to them about their honeymoon way back when) and they’ve decided to go a different route with Sketch, possibly selling online.

The reason this all came up is that I found the company that helped design their store, a company called Passing Notes. They did a great job of cataloging all the wonderful branding and design work they did on their site, and it totally filled me with a ton of great memories. Be sure to click here and check out more pictures of Sketch.


The Last Thousand Years: A New Exhibit by Evan Hecox

Evan Hecox has a new exhibit up at The Joshua Liner Gallery in New York called The Last Thousand Years which is inspired by a recent trip to Vietnam. Yet again he’s created another beautiful body of work just like his previous exhibit here in L.A. which centered around Mexico City. His pieces yet again are filled with bustling life of a big city, with people on bikes, power lines zig-zagging the sky and many of the pieces filled with deep reds and yellows.

Click here to see more images from the show and to get more information.


Kitsune Noir Mixcast / No.009 – SPACETIME Edition

Hey there, sorry for the tardy Mixcast this week. I was having quite a bit of difficulty figuring out if this should be a Mixcast or a Mixtape, and in the end the Mixcast won. This started feeling a little too rushed and not quite complete enough for a Mixtape, but never fear, there will be a new Mixtape next week to make up for it.

This week’s Mixcast is inspired by SPACETIME, and such there are all kinds of space-y sounding and related songs on here. I think there are some really cool parts on this, some of these just mixed together really well and I enjoyed listening to it while I was cruising around on my bike this afternoon. I hope you enjoy it!

Here’s this week’s tracklist:
Navigate Colours by These New Puritans
International Space Station by Figurine
Pursuit of Happiness by Kid Cudi
I Am Citizen Insane by Radiohead
Into The Galaxy by Midnight Juggernauts
23 Lies by Death in Vegas
You Must Wake by Broadcast
Space Walk by Lemon Jelly
The State We’re In by The Chemical Brothers
Reprise by Doves
Vein of Stars by Flaming Lips
Space Oddity by The Langley Schools Music Project


SPACETIME Wallpaper Competition

As many of you saw the other day, I teamed up with the wonderful folks over at Poketo on a project called SPACETIME. We worked with Cody Hudson, Mike Perry, Damien Correll and Andy Miller on a line of wall decals, wallets and t-shirts and they came out amazing.

So I wanted to give you the chance to win some of these goodies. But instead of just giving them away, I’m going to make you work for it, so here’s the deal: I want you to create a SPACETIME inspired desktop wallpaper. You can do anything you like, just as long as it seems space-y or time-y. There’s going to be 1 Grand Prize winner, who will win one set of wall decals, the t-shirt of your choice and the wallet of your choice. There will also be 2 runners who will get to choose a wallet of their liking.

Please send all submissions to with the subjecy “SPACETIME Wallpaper Competition”. All submissions should be sent as JPGs and sized to 1920px x 1200px. Failure to do so may disqualify you, unless your wallpaper is totally rad.

The deadline for the project is October 6th, which is a little under two weeks, and the winners will be announced on October 7th, when their wallpapers will be released as a part of the Desktop Wallpaper Project for that week. Sound good?