The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Mark Weaver

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Mark Weaver

Mark Weaver

As of lately, Mark Weaver has definitely been making his way around the blogosphere. His style is a mixture of cut and paste and computer graphics, seamlessly blending together cut outs from old National Geographic magazines and old books to find just the right pieces. His output is also phenomenal, I mean the guy releases nearly a piece a day on his Flickr, which is pretty outstanding, as they’re all pretty great.

For the Desktop Wallpaper Project he’s created one pissed off Mammoth Man, ready to throw down with anyone in his way. I’d also like to think that he lives in that geodesic dome in the background. I’d also suggest checking out the iPhone version of this, which has been my iPhone background for a little while now.

September 30, 2009 / By