Damon Soule Updates

On Damon Soule’s website he has a huge archive of his personal work, reaching as far back as 1997 up until now. Seeing this guy grow and expand over the years has been amazing, and I’m happy to admit that his most recent work is absolutely genius. I would say that Damon has reached the level of Mars 1 or Mark Ryden, his paintings are that rich and detailed.

The two pieces above are titled Sequenced Events and Contemplating The Need For Inspiration, or Homage To Dalis Homage To Rothko. The amount of time and effort these must have taken, especially because of their huge size, is staggering. I can’t even imagine how you’d think up paintings like these, let alone actually paint them.

As a fun pro tip, walk away from the monitor and squint your eyes, staring at the smaller photo. You’ll see it’s a magnified version of the little portrait you see in the bottom left corner.


September 30, 2009