Crownfarmer is Back!

A long time ago I was really into graphic t-shirts, it was like my very own addiction. After a while i had amassed a collection of close to 100 shirts or so, which is absolutely silly to think about now. But one of the first really cool shirts I remember ever buying was a Crownfarmer tee. A company started by Bob Kronabuer, he released 100 shirts by a cool artist each month, a concept that was still new at the time. The first ever shirt was a light blue tee with a Don Pendleton drawing that said, “I Get Down and I’m Stoked” which I still have sitting in my closet.

Well Bob is back and he’s starting up a new line with 6 weeks of artists. The first is by Todd Bratrud and features a squidy guy on a bike cruising around and leaving cool looking ink stains all over the shirt. You can read an interview that Bob did with Todd over on Mumble by clicking here.


September 29, 2009