Sketch Ice Cream

Back in 2003 or so I came across a little ice cream shop in Berkeley called Sketch. It was the first time I had ever seen a “gourmet” ice cream shop. They served ice cream in these bright plastic cups, with bright plastic spoons, and they had crazy flavors like lavender and avocado. They had a giant wooden spoon with Sketch burned into it, the design of the menus was perfect and I was in heaven. Being a kid who grew up in the suburbs of Sacramento this was something that I had never encountered before, and it was just one of the many reasons why I left my little suburban town.

So it’s with much sadness to say that they closed their doors on July 26th of this year. They recently had a beautiful baby girl (the owners were a married couple, I remember talking to them about their honeymoon way back when) and they’ve decided to go a different route with Sketch, possibly selling online.

The reason this all came up is that I found the company that helped design their store, a company called Passing Notes. They did a great job of cataloging all the wonderful branding and design work they did on their site, and it totally filled me with a ton of great memories. Be sure to click here and check out more pictures of Sketch.


September 28, 2009