New Shoes for Autumn: Converse and Palladium

I’m usually a hardcore lover of the summer, but lately I’ve been getting excited at the idea of it getting a bit cooler here in Los Angeles. Well today was the first day that it really started to feel like the season was changing, and I’m quite excited for it. Because of the change, I’ve been thinking about getting some new shoes, so I wanted to share a couple of gems that I have my eyes on.

The first are these silver corduroy low tops by Converse. When I start to think of autumn, I definitely think of corduroy. Plus the color of these, along with the off white of the rubber, the gold eyelets and the black detailing, make this an amazing look shoe. Plus they just look so damn comfy!

The second pair are from a boot manufacturer called Paladium and style is called Pampa. High tops and cold weather and like best friends, and these seem like they could do some serious trudging through some nasty weather. This probably wouldn’t work if you needed to get through snow banks, but they should be able to handle the puddles of Los Angeles without problem.

What’s best of all is that the Converse pair is only $60, and the Palladium’s are $65. Cute, functional and recession friendly.


September 28, 2009