Essentially Odd by 826 National

The good folks over at 826 National sent me a copy of their newest book, Essentially Odd, “a catalog of products created for and sold at the 826 National stores.” For those who aren’t familiar, 826 National is a nonprofit center that tutors kids. They also have a shop in the front of every tutoring center, all of which have a different theme. For example, here in Los Angeles we have the Time Travel Mart, which sells time travel related goodies. Obviously all money from the sales go directly back into supporting the 826’s around the country.

So what Essentially Odd does is collects all of the cool and weird products they’ve made over the years and gives you some background information about how and why they came about. Like there’s the pirate cologne Eau de Mer cologne No. 12, which is actually sand and water from the San Francisco bay, or a jar of Loose Screws, which is exactly as it sounds. All of these can also be bought online, which is quite handy.

Grab yourself a copy of the book, it’s a fun read and helps a great organization.

Check out more photos from the book under the cut.


September 24, 2009