The Desktop Wallpaper Project: SPACETIME Special Edition

The Desktop Wallpaper Project: SPACETIME Special Edition

Cody Hudson

This week we have special edition SPACETIME wallpapers from the SPACETIME artists, Cody Hudson, Mike Perry, Damien Correll and Andy Miller. Of the four only Cody hasn’t created a wallpaper for the DWP before, but the other guys have and it’s awesome to get yet another awesome desktop from them.

Mike Perry
Damien Correll
Andy Miller

The desktop wallpapers this week were images used as a part of the SPACETIME Collection, so no only can you stick/wear/stow these designs, you can have them up on your computer. And depending upon your style, you can go simple with either Cody or Mike’s designs, or be a little more adventurous with Damien or Andy’s vibrant wallpapers.

There are even more amazing wallpaper coming up in the next couple months, so be sure to check back next week for more digital goodies.

September 23, 2009