The Third and The Seventh

When I first saw the video above, I thought it must be some well put together clips of a fancy museum that I’d never heard of or been to. But incredibly it’s all computer graphics, and not a bit of it is real. Is your jaw sitting on the floor yet?

This was created by Alex Roman, which isn’t his real name, he was born Jorge Seva, but Alex Roman is his creative name. He was born in Spain in 1979, trained to be a classical painter but after college ended up at a visual effects company. The market in Spain wasn’t exactly booming for computer graphics artists so he took a year long sabbatical and started a project of his own, which he’s called The Third and The Seventh.

When watching the video it becomes apparent that he’s trained in painting, as light and lighting is such a key element. It almost feels like the lighting of each of the scenes is the character in the video, playing the most vital role.

I’ve posted more videos under the cut which give you an even broader look at what Alex is capable of. I highly suggest taking the time to sit down and enjoy each and every one of these. For more insight into Alex’s work be sure to check out this interview he did with Motionographer, where I got most of the above information.

Found through Ministry of Type


September 22, 2009