Where The Wild Things Are Pop-Up Shop at Space 15 Twenty

Last Saturday I spent pretty much all day traveling. I got on a plane in Chicago at 1pm and landed in Los Angeles at 8pm. Did that stop me from going to the Where The Wild Things Are pop-up shop at Space 15 Twenty? Nope. This time around they totally tricked out the space, filling ti with all kinds of trees and branches and even made a giant log nest kinda’ thing. Scattered around that were all kinds of Wild Things merchandise like t-shirts with Geoff McFetridege drawings, books, toys and stuffed animals. Max Records, the kid who plays Max in the movie, was even there running around and wearing a big silver crown.

I also wanted to point to a picture of the display artists that work at Space 15 Twenty and do an amazing job. They consistently create some of the best interior displays that I’ve ever seen and they definitely deserve a ton of credit for their work.

Check out a bunch of pictures of the space under the cut.


September 21, 2009 / By