The Desktop Wallpaper Project by Ian O’Phelan

The Desktop Wallpaper Project by Ian O'Phelan

Ian O’Phelan

This is definitely one of the most beautifully, phallic wallpapers I’ve ever seen. Maybe I just have the mind of a 13 year old boy, but nonetheless it’s a beautiful wallpaper and extremely well done. It was made by Ian O’Phelan, a Los Angeles based illustrator who does the most incredible patterns. The pattern section on his site is absolutely stunning and should definitely be checked out if you have any kind of interest in the area.

I’m guessing that the creatures you see are all underwater beasties, but don’t they kind of look like spores as well? It’s funny because I’m listening to a new song off of Sufjan Steven’s The BQE Soundtrack and it totally fits with this wallpaper, very ethereal and unreal feeling. Give it a download and check back next week for a new wallpaper.

September 16, 2009