Kitsune Noir & Goopymart Food Truck Winners

Well the Food Truck contest wasn’t the most successful event I’ve ever run, but I had some really great entries so I wanted to share those with everyone. I got some creative and fun trucks from Philip Kennedy, Brian Haines, Levente Szabo and Pedro Fernandes.

Philip created a mobile book truck called The Little Foxes Mobile Library, which he describes as “food for the brain.” Brian created a Liquid Lunch truck, for those of us who prefer to drink our meals. The little bunny on the front is too cute and love the taps and glasses on the inside of the truck. Then there was Levente who created a wonderful junk food truck, and Pedro who created a more traditional truck with some great looking food in the window.

Be sure to click the links above to download the templates and you can fold up your own trucks. Throw a truck onto your desk at work or give your kids a craft project to do.


September 16, 2009