New Video for Grizzly Bear’s ‘While You Wait for the Others’

Grizzly Bear released a new video for While You Wait for the Others, which is still my favorite song off of Veckatemist. The video was created by Grandchildren and directed by Sean Pecknold, who is the brother of Robin Pecknold, the lead singer of Fleet Foxes, who also created the video for White Winter Hymnal. The video is kind of weird and all over the place, with a guy in a fencing mask waiting around. It seems to me like he’s gathered a ton of hobbies and interests and he just wants to share them with people, until he’s eventually consumed by them.

It reminds me a lot of music videos from the 90’s, in the heyday of MTV. What do you think the video is supposed to mean? Or maybe it means nothing at all?


September 15, 2009