Backe and Zapien Shoes by Aldo

When I think of the brand Aldo I think of malls and bad Euro-style shoes (which they definitely still carry). But they’ve just released a couple of pairs of shoes that actually caught my eye, and are definitely within a reasonable price. The pair at top are called Backe and are a high top style with a nice oxblood coloring to them. There are some weird kind of textures on these as well, but my guess is that no one would really notice.

The bottom pair are called Zapien and are a great idea for a winter boot. The sole is a thick layer of rubber that seems like it would definitely protect your from the elements and the suede makes it look nice and rugged. It doesn’t really get that cold here in Los Angeles but I’m still tempted to get them, especially because they’re only $100.


September 14, 2009