Some Type of Wonderful

In the first week of October the fine folks over at Lifelounge are starting Some Type of Wonderful 2010, a “typographic initiative” which showcases 12 of the best artists, illustrators and designers from the world. They’ve put together a calendar which lets the artists interpret the month they’ve been assigned, and they’ll also be releasing a limited edition set of giclee prints as well, in case you want a nicer, more permanent version. Contributing artists include Jonathan Zawanda, Mario Hugo, Luca Barcellona, Maxwell Lord, PMKFA, Theo Gennitsakis, Jessica Hische, Pablo Alfieri, Sebastian Lester, Siggi Eggertsson, Jiro Bevis and Gary Taxali.

It’s a really great line-up of artists and I’m sure this will be an amazing project. As soon as images start popping up online I’ll post ’em here.


September 13, 2009