We Are The Friction

I also got a package from Jez Burrows a couple days ago containing a copy of his new project We Are The Friction. The book was put together with this better half Lizzy Stewart and is a book of illustrations and short stories from 12 artists and 12 writers. Pretty cool, huh? Half the time the art is inspired by the stories and the other half the stories are inspired by the artwork.

The line-up is pretty solid too, featuring Frank Chimero, Charlie Duck, Ray Fenwick, Andrew Holder, Verity Keniger, Jon Klassen, Micah Lidberg, Edward McGowan, Nigel Peake, Pietari Posti, Lizzy Stewart and Nous Vous on the art end. On the writing side there’s Dan Kennedy, Carey Mercer, Spencer Krug, Mark Hamilton, Caren Beilin, Jez Burrows, Roxanne Paris, Ben Greenman, Chris Eaton, Ryan Boudinot, Sean Michaels and Tao Lin.

So far my favorite story is Fable of Yukio by Spencer Krug (the guy from Wolf Parade) and Ray Fenwick. It’s a story about a boy named Yukio who is born with a hole in his chest which he then fills with objects. These objects end up helping him throughout his life like being a great farmer. The rest of the stories are great as well, so be sure to check out the site and see for yourself.


September 10, 2009