Spike Jonze Visits Geoff McFetridge

Spike Jonze recently took a trip to Geoff McFetridge’s studio and he took some photos while he was there and put them on his blog, We Love You So. These guys are two of my favorite creative people on the planet, so I get all nerdy when I see stuff like this. I love the image he took of the sketch above. It’s labeled as Chicago Art Insitute, and inside it is a giant head, with a detached body outside of it. Then it shows that the head would also have a door that you could go inside… um, can someone please make this a possibility?! But instead of Chicago it should be in Los Angeles. You can check out more of the photos by clicking here.

There’s also a great article in The New York Times (which Geoff did the graphics for the article) that talks about Where The Wild Things Are and has a nice little interview as well. I enjoyed this description of how the studio was dealing with Spike’s version of the movie:

In Sendak’s “Where the Wild Things Are,” a child hammers some nails into a wall, is sent to his room without any supper and finds solace and wild fun on an island of monsters who pronounce him king. Considering Jonze’s own propensity toward mischief, it was tempting to see his fight with the studio (which, by the time I sat down with him, was more than a year old) as an embodiment of the eternal struggle between freedom-seeking child and authoritarian parent. Jonze chose a different family metaphor. “It’s like the studio was expecting a boy, and I gave birth to a girl,” he told me. “And now they’re learning to love and accept their daughter.”

Click here to read the rest of the article.


September 4, 2009