Kitsune Noir Mixcast / No.006

Kitsune Noir Mixcast / No. 006
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Well it’s Friday already again, and this weeks Mixcast is centered around the theme of the moon. It’s actually going to be a full moon here in Los Angeles (and the greater West Coast area of North America) so I feel like it’s quite a fitting theme. The songs are all pretty recent, there’s no Pink Floyd on here or anything, just good ol’ modern rock… and Squarepusher.

My narration is a bit goofy this time, but I feel like I’m getting the hang of things more. I also say the word ‘compile’ at one point, but I say it like ‘com-pile’, like two separate words, and totally sound dorky. Anyhow, please enjoy the Mixcast and check back next Friday for a new one.

Here’s this week’s tracklist:
Almighty Moon by Sondre Lerche
Index Moon by Grand Archives
Waiting for the Moon to Rise by Belle & Sebastian
Half Moon by M. Ward
Duotone Moonbeam by Squarepusher
Moon Woman II by Elvis Perkins
On The Moon by A.A. Bondy
The Moon by The Microphones
Sail to the Moon by Radiohead
Moon River by Henry Mancini


September 4, 2009