Amazing New York Apartment by Stefan Boublil

Sometimes it really pays to be a millionaire, especially when you can afford a penthouse on the 61st floor of a metropolitan tower in New York that overlooks Central Park. Stefan Boublil designed the apartment you see above, which was actually three small apartments that he combined into one epic, beautiful space. My absolute favorite room is the office which is like this white cocoon of awesome. It has a ton of shelves, great views, a bed for naps, that hanging round chair-thingy that would be great for staring out at the city… so jealous. The rest of the house is pretty gorgeous as well, like the waxed concrete in the kitchen (I had no idea you waxed concrete…) and that bed looks pretty dang comfy.

Lots more photos of the space to look at by clicking here.


September 1, 2009