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The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Mark Weaver

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Mark Weaver

Mark Weaver

As of lately, Mark Weaver has definitely been making his way around the blogosphere. His style is a mixture of cut and paste and computer graphics, seamlessly blending together cut outs from old National Geographic magazines and old books to find just the right pieces. His output is also phenomenal, I mean the guy releases nearly a piece a day on his Flickr, which is pretty outstanding, as they’re all pretty great.

For the Desktop Wallpaper Project he’s created one pissed off Mammoth Man, ready to throw down with anyone in his way. I’d also like to think that he lives in that geodesic dome in the background. I’d also suggest checking out the iPhone version of this, which has been my iPhone background for a little while now.

Damon Soule Updates

On Damon Soule’s website he has a huge archive of his personal work, reaching as far back as 1997 up until now. Seeing this guy grow and expand over the years has been amazing, and I’m happy to admit that his most recent work is absolutely genius. I would say that Damon has reached the level of Mars 1 or Mark Ryden, his paintings are that rich and detailed.

The two pieces above are titled Sequenced Events and Contemplating The Need For Inspiration, or Homage To Dalis Homage To Rothko. The amount of time and effort these must have taken, especially because of their huge size, is staggering. I can’t even imagine how you’d think up paintings like these, let alone actually paint them.

As a fun pro tip, walk away from the monitor and squint your eyes, staring at the smaller photo. You’ll see it’s a magnified version of the little portrait you see in the bottom left corner.


Logos by Super Furry

I can’t remember where I came across the work of Super Furry but I’ve been obsessing over his logo design since I came across it. I actually know pretty much nothing about this guy, so maybe one of you Threadless guys can fill me in on who he is? What I do know is that he has a set on his Flickr that’s filled with a huge variety of absolutely beautiful logos. The four above were my favorites, though it was really hard to narrow it down to those.

The snout on the R in Room is genius, the flames above the Natural Gas logo are beautiful, the font used in Beach Blanket Limbo makes me smile and those lines behind the word Annex totally make the whole thing pop. Why is this mystery man so good?!


Yuta Onoda

Toronto based illustrator Yuta Onoda has a really detailed, imaginative style that I’m really digging. Her work kind of a cross between Sam Weber and Audrey Kawasaki. She uses a ton of lines and adds a great amount of detail to her pieces. She’s also really expressive, especially in this piece called El Capitan which features the weight of the mountain wearing down on a young man’s shoulders. Really great stuff.


Jeff Rogers

I’m head over heels in love with these paintings by Jeff Rogers! I’m not really sure how you describe his work though. It’s kind of retro feeling, but still sort of contemporary at the same time?I definitely love his use of color to really emphasize his work. I’m also a sucker for giant painted words, so that’s probably a part of it as well.

The pieces side by side are hanging up in the Ace Hotel in New York and the NYC piece is digital, which kind of surprised me. The colors and composition of it is absolutely lovely though!

Found through designworklife


Crownfarmer is Back!

A long time ago I was really into graphic t-shirts, it was like my very own addiction. After a while i had amassed a collection of close to 100 shirts or so, which is absolutely silly to think about now. But one of the first really cool shirts I remember ever buying was a Crownfarmer tee. A company started by Bob Kronabuer, he released 100 shirts by a cool artist each month, a concept that was still new at the time. The first ever shirt was a light blue tee with a Don Pendleton drawing that said, “I Get Down and I’m Stoked” which I still have sitting in my closet.

Well Bob is back and he’s starting up a new line with 6 weeks of artists. The first is by Todd Bratrud and features a squidy guy on a bike cruising around and leaving cool looking ink stains all over the shirt. You can read an interview that Bob did with Todd over on Mumble by clicking here.


Stereohype B.I.O. Series 8 Badges

Stereohype has released their 8th B.I.O. (By Invitation Only) series of designer badges and there’s quite a good selection this time around. The artists include Andy J. Miller, Allan Deas, Allistair Burt, Anja Gerscher, Bálint Egyed, Fiona Hamilton, FL@33, Greig Anderson, Heiko hoos, Jan von Holleben, Karin Kloubert, Madeleine Duba, Peter Crnokrak,Supersentido, TADO, Tom Würzburg and Yuko Michishita. I love all the variety they have to the badges, so no matter what your style you can probably find one that speaks to you.


Dolce & Gabbana Loves (Certain) Bloggers

There’s a really great post over on Garance Dore’s blog right now which talks about her experience going back stage at the Dolce & Gabbana runway show as well as getting to sit in the front row. Dore, along with fashion bloggers Scott Schumann (The Sartorialist), Tommy Ton (Jak & Jil) and Bryan Boy (Bryanboy) were personally invited to see the inner workings of a Dolce & Gabbana and D&G shows as well as being able to live blog them if they wanted. As she explains, Stefano and Demenico (the guys behind Dolce & Gabbana) have realized that their customers are very connected to the web, and they want to embrace the things that their customers like. So asking 4 of the biggest fashion bloggers to come to their show is just one of for them to reach out and do that.

I think this is such an interesting moment in the online community and blogging. A lot of smaller companies with younger people involved are quite fluent in the web, take for example Threadless. But a huge fashion house inviting bloggers is an entirely new page for blogging, showing that there is some validity to this new form of journalism. Though on that same note, Garance mentions that she would be a horrible journalist, saying, “have absolutely zero objectivity. I asked them a whole bunch of questions, and I definitely liked their fresh answers.” And this, I think, is a part of the appeal of bloggers. You know it’s one person’s opinion and if you learn to like and trust them, it’s becomes something like getting news from a friend.

Just something I’ve been thinking about that I wanted to share.