Extreme Makeover: Craigslist Edition

Wired recently asked some designers from around the web to redesign the aging look of Craigslist. It’s simplified structure hasn’t really been changed much since it’s inception, why fix something that isn’t broke? After seeing these redesign ideas though, I think there could definitely be some room for improvement.

Pretty much every designer kept their designs with an ultra-minimal text only look, but it was how they dealt with this text that was really important. My hands down favorite is Khoi Vinh’s from nytimes.com. He suggested making it more like a web app, placing the search box prominently at the top and taking away the distracting grey backgrounds. What’s left is a clear and concise display of all of the services you could be looking for.

Click here to check out the rest of the redesigns.


August 26, 2009