Live Visuals for Nosaj Thing

The video above is sampling of video clips for Nosaj Things live performances. It was created in a partnership between Adam Guzman and Julie Tsao who created a ton of different visuals that go along with the live performance. In Adam’s own words:

The live show for Nosaj Thing, a collaboration with Julia Tsao. Video clips are the formatted for mixing in Modul8. Each clip belongs to a certain part of a song. We triggered and manipulated each clip live with 2 midi controllers. Our performance is focused around disorientation and using the projector as a light source. The first half of the show is dedicated to slowly building a visual style. The images are black and white lines and squares. The positive/negative space is used to create rhythm that is synced with the audio. As the set progresses, the imagery becomes less abstract and focused less on light. Patterns begin to form and space begins to open as if the two dimensions exploded into a third. The relationship the graphics create with the performer is interesting. As the graphics become more spatial, the performer flattens, becoming a 2-D cutout version of himself.

I’m absolutely enamored with this. I love the part where the light gets liquid-y, and all of the balls floating around in space. Does anyone have any idea what kind of program you would use to try and create graphics like this? I’d love to play around with something like this. It also kind of reminds me of something UVA might do.

Found through today and tomorrow


August 25, 2009