Gentlemen Broncos

I’m pretty excited for Gentlemen Broncos, the new movie from Napoleon Dynamite director Jared Hess. It definitely still has all the weirdness of his other movies, but this does feel a little more grown up then his previous films. The story follows a young man named Benjamin who attends a science fiction writing convention and ends up getting his story ripped off by his favorite author, Ronald Chevalier. In the film you get to see each other their stories acted out by the awesome Sam Rockwell. In Benjamin’s story he’s a bearded nomad riding a deer with missile launchers, but in Chevalier’s he’s… a tranny.

I’m really excited to see this, I think it’s gonna be pretty funny. Jermaine Clement, Jennifer Coolidge and Mike White round out the cast, all really talented folks. The movie comes out on October 30th, so there’s a bit of a wait, but it should be worth it. Check out the trailer under the cut.


August 19, 2009