The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Brian Wade Scott

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Brian Wade Scott

Brian Wade Scott

Well, well, well, it’s Wednesday and we’re back on to the normal Desktop Wallpaper Project cycle, one every Wednesday. You might have noticed that I updated the tags that go along with each wallpaper. I’ll be changing out the old ones soon enough, but I wanted to do something new that better reflected the current site. Today I have a wallapper from designer/illustrator Brian Wade Scott. Brian currently lives in Los Angeles and is currently attending Art Center School of Design.

Brian wrote me that his wallpaper is “all drawings of churches, geometry, and space. I’ve been doing a lot of these kinds of drawings lately so I wanted to continue through in these drawings.” I love how creepy and minimal this is. A lot of wallpapers make your eyes bleed, or they can be overly boring. But I think that Brian hit the nail on the head, sort of a middle ground. I hope you all enjoy this and I’ll post up someone else new and exciting next Wednesday.

August 5, 2009 / By