Doing Things Differently Leads To Something Exceptional

Absolut Vodka has teamed up with director Rupert Sanders to create a series of advertisements that absolutely (ugh) make me smile. The ad features a number of different locales, the forest, city, snow and so on, and in each place there’s a different word, which eventually creates the phrase, “Doing Things Differently Leads To Something Exceptional.” The overall effect is pretty stunning, I mean the creative direction behind it is really top notch.

I think my favorite scene is with the bottles in the forest. They were somehow able to raise and lower the height of the bottles, so when you see it at first they look about waist high. But then later you can see them from below, spelling the word ‘Things.’ Over 2,000 bottles were used to create the effect.

I’ve put behind the scene videos for each of the words under the cut, so don’t forget to take a peek at those as well. It’s really rad being able to see how they created each of these shots.


August 5, 2009