Creators Inn by Elvine

In Stockholm a new hotel-in-hotel concept is opening at the Hotel Scandic Malmen called the Creators Inn. The idea was to design a room based on a creative type of person who was visiting Stockholm, catering to their needs through the concepts of function, products and services. The room is split up into three different sections, the local library, the dream study and the relaxing spa. You’re basically given a ton of space in which you can hang out or work, depending upon what your mood is. The rooms even come with a bike which you can ride around town and clothes you can wear in case you don’t have anything clean, how crazy is that?

This feels very in the spirit of Ace Hotel or The Standard, but there seems to be more of a personality to the project. The idea that you can call up a Creative Concierge and ask them to play video games with you is pretty astonishing. Now I’m just curious how much this room goes for…


August 5, 2009