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Ben and Jerry’s Advertisements by Ogilvy & Mather

Check out these crazy advertisements for Ben and Jerry’s ice cream! I think these may be some of the most complex ads I’ve seen in a while, all of those elements created by hand. The ads were created by Ogilvy & Mather Asia Pacific Singapore, featuring words and phrases accompanied by some very Friends With You!-esque characters and creatures. These ads definitely caught my eye, though I’m not sure that it makes me want to eat ice cream anymore so than usual.

Check out a couple more of these ads under the cut.

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Misha de Ridder

At the moment I’m listening to Sigur Rós and looking through the photos of Amsterdam based photographer, Misha de Ridder. The two go together rather well as Misha’s photos are beautifully quiet and eerie. As far as I can see he only shoots landscapes, but he’s has a great eye for it, catching wonderful instances of color and light. I’d suggest putting on Með Suð í Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaust and having a browse for yourself.

Found through vvork


Gingham Vans Authentics

I’ve been noticing an overdose of plaid lately, which for me personally is something I’m kind over, favoring subtle stripes and gingham and checks. That being said, I think these new Vans Authentics could be really rad with some khakis and a grey button down. The combination of small and large gingham really set the shoe off and the yellowed rubber gives it a nice aged look. These are definitely amazing summer shoes… too bad they’re a limited edition being sold only from Japanese retailer Ships Jet Blue.

Found through High Snobiety


KN Work // A Continuous Lean Redesigned

Good Monday morning everyone! I thought I’d start off the day with a little announcement of a project that I worked on that went live over the weekend. Some of you might be familiar with A Continuous Lean, a men’s fashion and lifestyle blog run by Michael Williams in New York. I’ve been a fan of ACL for quite a while now, I first mentioned him last June, and since then we’ve been on each others internet radar.

A couple months ago Michael wrote me asking me if I’d be interested in redesigning his site, and I totally jumped at the chance. He told me that he liked the general layout of Kitsune Noir, how it was well organized and easy to navigate, and that he wanted something similar without being a total copy. He also wanted things to be kept rather simple and uncluttered.

A Continuous Lean was previously using the standard template, so there was little to no styling around the blog. So I decided to stick with the basics of black, white, cream and orange. The orange was inspired by the Denver Broncos orange, which I think gives it a nice kick. I also didn’t want the few images used to be boring so I threw textures onto a number of items, giving them a slight feel of age and a nod to the fashion content on the site.

As a point of reference, the WordPress theme used was called Magatheme, which looked like this before I completely ripped the whole thing apart. I left very few elements of the original design intact, but it was a theme that was well put together and made it easier to customize.

I have to get a major shout out to my old friend Adam Farris my tech guy. While I can design and fiddle around with HTML and CSS alright on my own, Adam is my tech guru who works absolute magic behind the scenes. Without his tech wizardry ACL and Kitsune Noir would not have seen the light of day.

Be sure to check out A Continuous Lean and give Michael some love!


The Summer Never Ends / A Mixtape by Jens Lekman

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The Summer Never Ends by Jens Lekman

I figured the best way to send everyone into the weekend is through a new mixtape, though this one is by one of my favorites, Jens Lekman. Just so we’re clear, I don’t know Jens Lekman at all, but I wish I did because I think he’s amazing. Anyhow, he’s created this clever little mixtape to get you through the hottest part of the year. On it is a hodge podge of new and old, including a brand new song of his (I only know this because I saw him perform it live), lots of samples from his previous albums, and an awesome conversation with Alicia Keys. Here’s the tracklist, as provided by Mr. Lekman:

(excerpt from) The Summer Never Ends /// I Really Think That We Can Make It Girl /// Nicolette Larsson – Lotta Love /// The Embassy – State 08 /// (excerpt from) New Directions /// Coke Escovedo – I Wouldn’t Change A Thing /// Filippo Trecca – La Morte Dell’erminia /// His name is Mikael Carlsson, her name is Alicia Keys /// Lamont Dozier – Blue Sky and Silver Bird /// Cat Stevens – If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out /// Jeff Perry – Love Don’t Come No Stronger /// Good News – Australia /// Baby’s Gang – America /// American Breed – Always You

You can listen to the mix by clicking the player above or you can download it by clicking here.


The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Craig Matchett

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Craig Matchett

Craig Matchett

Name: Craig Matchett
Degree/College: Graphic Arts / BA (hons) / Liverpool School of Art

About Your Wallpaper:
This is one of a collection of work created to make people who own high quality photo printers particularly the canon brand. it was a series of PDF’s a new customer of canon could print out and create there own tiled patterns with through printing out multiply documents and then rearranging the paper to create a mosaic like pattern.

Speed Painting by Danny Roberts

Talk about inspirational, the video above is a speed painting by Danny Roberts, an artist living in California who has an incredibly diverse style. He took a sketch that he did and blew it up into the incredible piece you see at the end of the video. The whole thing was inspired by Walt Disney’s multiplane camera, which he used on movies like Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. It’s pretty awesome watching him work, I think that’s half of the fun. The fact that the painting turns out beautifully in the end is simply a bonus. Also, big props for the Edith Piaf scoring the whole thing, it definitely sets the mood.

Check out more of Danny’s work on his blog, Igor + André.


Wayne Pate

Every time I look at this image I start to giggle. This dashing sailor seagull with a pipe, aptly named Sammy, was created by Wayne Pate, an illustrator from Brooklyn, New York. Wayne’s style is really simplistic and almost kind of retro, using lots of great patterns and the perfect pairings of color. I’d also recommend checking out his shop, which features a ton of prints, all 18 x 24″, and 95% of them are only $35… that’s such a good deal for such rad prints and there’s just about something for everyone.