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I’ll Carry You On | A Kitsune Noir Mixtape

Well we’re definitely in the throes of summer here in the northern hemisphere, so I thought another mixtape may get everyone excited and the hot weather off their minds. This is kind of the first part of a summer mixtape called I’ll Carry You On, while the second part will be released in about a month or so. This mix has been kicking around for a little bit now, it was originally inspired by a side project of mine that I felt needed some music.

It doesn’t really have a theme, but I feel like it flows together rather well. The songs are new and old, not quite as up to date as the other summer mix is, but this should still make your head bounce. I’d also like to suggest that you listen to this one with headphones on. There are lots of rich sounds in these songs, and even some things I’ve added in myself here and there. I hope you like it and be ready for another mix to drop on August 21st, which is my birthday, so it’s like a birthday present to all of you for being such awesome readers.

I also have a new project that I think I’ll be releasing on Friday that’s related to the mixtapes but an entirely new endeavor altogether. Keep your eyes peeled!

Here’s the track listing:

01 Eulogy by Patrick Wolf
02 Cello Song by The Books & José González
03 Knife by Atlas Sound
04 Island by Black Dice
05 Head Spins by High Places
06 Only Pieces by Here We Go Magic
07 Boneless (Panda Bear Remix) by Notwist
08 Track 14 by Karen O
09 The Ephemeral Bluebell by Bibio
10 Blue Imelda by Final Fantasy
11 Down From Above by Vetiver
12 Storm The Gates by P:ano


The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Will Hibberd

Name: Will Hibberd
Degree/College: Graphic Design and Production BA (hons) Plymouth College of Art

About Your Wallpaper:
I found it hard having a free reign over the design of this wallpaper, I am usually either doing doodle like illustrations for fun or designing for specific needs, but this opportunity gave me some freedom. I knew I would like the freedom but it was hard to stick with one idea. also I didn’t want to doodle for once! This wallpaper is a mixture of what i find appealing at the moment. Circles (which are not perfectly round) Bitmap imagining especially the cross type, and courier new italic, as well as purple, yellow and blue.


Kreissparkasse Tübingen Stairway Signage System

I came across this amazing staircase on FFFFOUND the other day and was immediately entranced by it. With a little help from @kyleblue and his Dwell followers I was able to find out that it was put together by German studio L2M3. The signage was created for Kreissparkasse Tübingen’s 5 story stairwell and features a tree of epic proportions, 22 meters to be exact, and contains all kinds of birds, butterflys and insects that help you find your way.

I think this is a particularly strong example of what one can do with minimal graphics to make a really strong presentation. They could have added plenty of colors and minute details but instead you’re treated to a black graphics on concrete and glass, but it all looks so magical and dynamic. I want one of these everywhere in my apartment, thanks.

You must, must, must check under the cut for a photo of the full 5 stories of the stairwell.

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Summer of Love by Saiman Chow

Today seems like a random smattering of goodies, and this is about as random as it gets. The picture above was drawn by the talented Mr. Saiman Chow, which he describes as “a bitter sweet series that examine our fascinating yet frightening views on sexuality in our exploitative society.” As creepy and weird as it is, I have to say that I really like it. This image is like a train wreck, you absolutely can’t take your eyes off of it, even if you don’t want to look. Excellent work, Mr. Chow.

Found through Buzzfeed


Mad Men Yourself

This has been floating around for a couple days now but I still thought I’d share it. Similar to what The Simpsons did for The Simpsons Movie, Mad Men has rolled out a Mad Men Yourself application that let’s you created a stylized version of yourself that could exist in the Mad Men world. The art is rather similar to that of Shag, which I guess makes sense as both Shag’s work and Mad Men fall into a similar world.

The image above is supposed to me, so if you know me personally let me know if this look anything like me, I went with sort of a hip Mr. Rogers style… although I think I might look 45.


William Shatner Does Sarah Palin’s Resignation Speech

I’m a huge fan of William Shatner, the breadth of his career really shows how talented he is, even if he’s known for being a captain of a spaceship. In the clip above he makes a special appearance on the The Tonight Show with Conan O’ Brien, and in a genius move, has interpreted Sarah Palin’s resignation in his very special beat performance kind of way. And while it actually sounds rather cool coming from the lips of William Shatner, it’s insane that this was the farewell speech of a governor of an entire state.


The Desktop Wallpaper featuring Tom Keegan

The Desktop Wallpaper featuring Tom Keegan

Tom Keegan

Name: Tom Keegan
Degree/College: Level 1 Illustration at University of Portsmouth

About Your Wallpaper:
Ducks and dogs, lines and colours, spray paint, pens and Mac.
Although I’ve only just finished my first year studying illustration, I’m constantly on the search for new ideas and ways of expressing my creativity through lines, shapes and colours. It’s so cool to be apart of just us collective & I hope in time I can build upon my style to be up to the same standard of some of the amazing work I share the site with.

Sandy Skoglund

While I personally believe black foxes are the best, Sandy Skoglund’s gray foxes are pretty great as well. Skoglund was born in Massachusetts in 1964 and has been working as a conceptual artist since she moved to New York in 1972. The images above are from an installation called Fox Games which was first put up in 1989 but is currently on display at the Denver Art Museum.

I think she totally captured the essence of foxes and how they interact (not that I’m some weirdo fox expert who’s in touch with his inner fox) but they totally seem like one would expect them to act. Plus the effect of having their entire environment painted the same color red makes it seem quite surreal.

All of the photos used in the post were snatched from whistlepunch on Flickr, so thanks!
More photos under the cut.

Found through 45º

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