The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Will Hibberd

Name: Will Hibberd
Degree/College: Graphic Design and Production BA (hons) Plymouth College of Art

About Your Wallpaper:
I found it hard having a free reign over the design of this wallpaper, I am usually either doing doodle like illustrations for fun or designing for specific needs, but this opportunity gave me some freedom. I knew I would like the freedom but it was hard to stick with one idea. also I didn’t want to doodle for once! This wallpaper is a mixture of what i find appealing at the moment. Circles (which are not perfectly round) Bitmap imagining especially the cross type, and courier new italic, as well as purple, yellow and blue.


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  1. victor August 1, 2009 at 11:22 AM

    good job! I love it

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