Kreissparkasse Tübingen Stairway Signage System

I came across this amazing staircase on FFFFOUND the other day and was immediately entranced by it. With a little help from @kyleblue and his Dwell followers I was able to find out that it was put together by German studio L2M3. The signage was created for Kreissparkasse Tübingen’s 5 story stairwell and features a tree of epic proportions, 22 meters to be exact, and contains all kinds of birds, butterflys and insects that help you find your way.

I think this is a particularly strong example of what one can do with minimal graphics to make a really strong presentation. They could have added plenty of colors and minute details but instead you’re treated to a black graphics on concrete and glass, but it all looks so magical and dynamic. I want one of these everywhere in my apartment, thanks.

You must, must, must check under the cut for a photo of the full 5 stories of the stairwell.


July 29, 2009