Cheap Stripes

I mentioned in my Gingham Vans post that I was more into stripes these days, so I thought I’d put my money where my mouth and give some good examples of what I meant. I was browsing Urban Outfitters today and found a couple of gems that I really like, despite the UO owner hating gay people and ripping off t-shirt designs left and right. Nonetheless, I found the shoes and striped shirt above, each of them going for less than $30.

I really like the Feathers Jesper V-Neck because the dip in the neckline isn’t painfully low and the buttons give the neckline a little bit of style so that it’s not just a regular ol’ tee. The Raben Striped Slip-Ons on the other hand are really rad and I would probably rock these until the bottoms wore out. Note to everyone though, these are not meant to be worn together, you’ll just end up looking like a weirdo.


July 29, 2009