Sandy Skoglund

While I personally believe black foxes are the best, Sandy Skoglund’s gray foxes are pretty great as well. Skoglund was born in Massachusetts in 1964 and has been working as a conceptual artist since she moved to New York in 1972. The images above are from an installation called Fox Games which was first put up in 1989 but is currently on display at the Denver Art Museum.

I think she totally captured the essence of foxes and how they interact (not that I’m some weirdo fox expert who’s in touch with his inner fox) but they totally seem like one would expect them to act. Plus the effect of having their entire environment painted the same color red makes it seem quite surreal.

All of the photos used in the post were snatched from whistlepunch on Flickr, so thanks!
More photos under the cut.

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July 27, 2009