Wayne Pate

Every time I look at this image I start to giggle. This dashing sailor seagull with a pipe, aptly named Sammy, was created by Wayne Pate, an illustrator from Brooklyn, New York. Wayne’s style is really simplistic and almost kind of retro, using lots of great patterns and the perfect pairings of color. I’d also recommend checking out his shop, which features a ton of prints, all 18 x 24″, and 95% of them are only $35… that’s such a good deal for such rad prints and there’s just about something for everyone.


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  1. Valerio BaoTzeBao Fiandra July 26, 2009 at 11:12 PM

    Grand Image. Synthesis and fun, french and brit. Thanks for postin, I will call him Valaire ( albatros are not else than egocentric seagulls, these days, and Paul Charles Valery Baudlaire is still unbeated )

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