The Final Sequence of Zabriskie Point

In 1970 Michelangelo Antonioni released a little film called Zabriskie Point, which I’ll admit right now that I’ve never seen before. The movie seems a bit weird, so I’ll cut and paste Wikipedia’s description:

It tells the story of a young couple — an idealistic, free spirited young woman, and an aspiring radical turned fugitive. They meet in the desert under bizarre circumstances, instantly connect with a fearless spirit, and then part with tragic consequences. When the fugitive dies in an attempt to reconcile his minor transgressions with the police his new-found lover’s connection to the corporate and government establishment is psychologically and permanently severed when she visualizes the home of her corporate lover/boss exploding in slow motion.

And it’s this final scene that I want you to see, where Daria imagines her lover/bosses house exploding. The beginning of the sequence is shown from about 279 different angles, but once you hit the 2 minute mark you start seeing just random things exploding and flying through the air, all floating in slow motion to a rather amazing Pink Floyd song. I swear, only an Italian director like Antonioni could do something like this nearly 40 years ago. I especially love the TV being blown up, as well as the random chicken/turkey shooting past the screen.


July 23, 2009