BarberOsgerby’s Puzzle Rug

I came across this Puzzle Rug by BarberOsgerby a couple of weeks ago and was immediately smitten with it. The rug features an array of random looking, geometric shapes, but are definitely silhouettes of other BarberOsgerby products. The back of a De La Warr Pavilion Chair, a Hula seat, the bottom legs of the Satellite cabinet, the top of a Mini Bottle… they all make a little cameo. I guess it really shows that many of their products look just as good when flattened, and stitched on a rug with a vibrant color.

As far as I know the only place to get this is The Rug Company. though the rug isn’t for sale and there’s no price tag on it… which I’m guessing means it’s a pretty penny. The rug retails for $4,725.00 for a 6’ x 9’, and you can order it at any Rug Company store.


July 21, 2009