A Kiss From Tokyo

I’ve been a fan of Kevin Dart’s work since I first came across his beautiful prints over on Fleet Street Scandal years ago, and it’s amazing to see what he’s done since then. But I think this faux trailer for A Kiss From Tokyo, which is actually a promotional piece for his upcoming book, Seductive Espionage, The World of Yuki 7, absolutely takes the cake.

Looking, sounding and feeling like an old spy movie from the 60’s, he and Stephane Coedel have created a retro masterpiece that I would absolutely want to watch. I think what really makes this great is that Stephane did such an excellent job of helping Kevin’s work come to life. It’s not an approximation of his work, this is exactly what his work would look like if it was moving around in real life.

I have to say though that one of my favorite parts is when she blows up the building, and they used a real (but tiny) explosion and fire and inserted into the art. It’s such an amazingly well done, cheesball moment that totally works and looks great. I want a Yuki 7 movie!


July 21, 2009