Play Me, I’m Yours

I was reading this article in The New York Times the other day called All Around London, an Invitation to Make Music, which talks about a program by Luke Jerram who takes pianos and puts them into busy, cultural areas across the world. The idea is that people will stop and play music for anyone who cares to listen, creating a (hopefully) pleasurable experience for not only the player, but the listeners as well. Luke calls this program, Play Me, I’m Your’s.

For some reason this article made me really emotional. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something really gets me about people being united by music. Music is a universal thing no matter what language you speak, we all understand. And there’s just something so random and wonderful about this project that makes me just want to grin from ear to ear.

For example, they did a version of this in São Paolo, where the article says that pianos are scarce. I guess people caught wind of the project and travelled for hours to get a chance to play on these public pianos. Just the thought of that makes me burst inside. How wonderful would it be to walking around and suddenly you see and hear a 9 year old boy playing Chopin? If this intrigues you, watch the video above. Just listening to it gives me chills.


July 16, 2009