Derringer Cycles

This is kind of a two part post, so bear with me on this one. I came across this really amazing blog called Bike EXIF, which is all about bikes, be they motorcycles or the motorized bicycle you see above. There are new and old bikes, but generally they were all pretty cool, even for someone like me who has no real knowledge about the subject.

As I was browsing though I came across this post on Derringer Cycles, a company here in Los Angeles that makes 20’s-era board track racer bikes (whatever that means). These bikes come with a 49cc Honda four-stroke engine, which in turn gives you 150 miles per gallon. Yes, you read that right. I totally want one of these now, I could totally imagine cruising over to the west side on one of these. Be sure to check out their gallery to get a better sense of how great these bikes are.


July 16, 2009