The Buckminster Fuller Design Challenge

MMM… I love this project. The Buckminster Fuller Design Project aims to fix an aspect of our lives in a way that uses creative thinking and existing technologies without causing further problems and anticipate future trends and needs. Phew! Well the guys over at MIT created these Mobility-on-Demand devices called CityCar and RoboScooter. These are lightweight vehicles which are electric and are able to fold up, thus saving on space and energy. You simply rent one from a station, drive around and do your errands, then return to any other station in the city.

I wish Los Angeles was crawling with these things. As dependent as we are on cars this could make it so easy to get around this sprawling city without having to actually own a car. The team at MIT is currently looking for funding for this project, so if you have a several millions dollars lying around you should hit these folks up.

Found through Seed Magazine


July 15, 2009