The Desktop Wallpaper Project feautring Ben Aslett

The Desktop Wallpaper Project feautring Ben Aslett

Ben Aslett

Name: Ben Aslett
Degree/College: University Of Plymouth BA Hons Design: Ilustration

About Your Wallpaper:
Recently I’ve been trying to create insanely cluttered images that suggest repetitiveness similar to that of a patterned wallpaper or fabric but without the reticulation. To create these images I use a library of pre-created and purposely created images to suggest this repetitiveness. When creating this wall paper for the desktop project I realized that computer icons would disappear amongst the mass of iconography in my images, although I thought that this could be kind of fun I realized that most people would probably just want to punch the screen out of frustration so I included an area of blank space for your icons. I hope you enjoy it.

This wallpaper reminds me of a crazy Flash game that you play online. This one would involve riding around on a skateboard shooting skeletons who try to rob your brain… or something like that. Wouldn’t you play a game like that?

July 14, 2009