The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Miles Gould

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Miles Gould

Miles Gould

Name: Miles Gould
Degree/College: BA (Hons) Graphic Design at Brighton University.

About Your Wallpaper:
My wallpaper design was inspired by a recent project which involved re-designing a documentary film festival based in Brighton. Documentary films are a creative response to reality based on real lives of real people. At their best, they enable us to see our too familiar world with new insights. The idea was to produce imagery that completely contrasted with the honesty of documentary films. Drawing inspiration from surrealism and the recognisable face and cleft chin of Kirk Douglas the image conveys manufactured Hollywood, the polar opposite of real life.

This is absolutely the most disturbing desktop wallpaper I’ve ever featured… and I absolutely love it. Please put this on your desktop and scare the shit out of people. Or better yet, sneak on other people’s computers and make this their desktop, that sounds better.

July 14, 2009