The Cloudy Collection Vol. 1, Edition 2

David Huyck’s wonderful Cloudy Collection is already back again with a second edition of beautiful two color silkscreened prints. This time around the artists involved are David, my old chum S.Britt, Scott Campbell, Bwana Spoons, Chris Eliopolus, Vera Brosgol and Vincent Stall. The theme of this series is Hovels & Hideaways, which is such a cute idea and the artists really nailed the concept.

Pick up some for yourself, their only $35 for all of ’em, plus free shipping in the U.S. and Canadia.
More previews under the cut.


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  1. DH. July 14, 2009 at 9:09 AM

    Thanks for the link, Bobby! One small correction:

    2-color letterpress prints: these prints are 3-D!!! The plate makes an indentation in the paper when it lays down the ink, so it is a different look and feel from a silkscreen.

    Thanks again!

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