Supreme Broship with Jim Mahfood and Scott Campbell

I’m a bit behind on this one, but last month the amazing Jim Mahfood and Scott Campbell teamed up for a gallery show called Supreme Broship. While their both amazing artists in their own right, their styles are basically the absolute opposites of each other. Jim Mahfood is very much over the top, with influences from comic books and graffiti, while Scott is very simplistic and uses water color and your mom thinks his art is cute.

As it turns out they work together really well, their two styles coming together to make some really fun and even beautiful pieces. Scott has a ton of the pieces up on his Flickr, I highly recommend taking 10 minutes to browse through all of the insanity. I’ve also posted some more of my favorites under the cut.


P.S. Random story. I one time picked up Jim Mahfood from the Sacramento Airport for an art show that was going on at the comic book shop I worked for at the time. I got lost on the way back from airport and I think he thought I was going to kill him. Later though, he drew me a sweet Bizarro Superman. Maybe he was thankful I didn’t try and kill him…?

July 14, 2009