Jopo Bicycle

Earlier today I came across these great little bikes called Jopo, a brand that I’d never heard of. I haven’t been able to find out a lot about these bikes, but that’s where I’m hoping you wonderful readers can come in and help. So far I’ve figured out that thye were manufactured in Finland starting in the mid-60’s. I guess they’re pretty well known over in the Scandanavian areas?

I also know that they look realllllly cool. I love how the frame of the bike is shaped, with that big curve in the middle. That little rack above the back wheel is also pretty great, you could easily transport groceries and things around town. Also, just for clarification, the top photo is the old school one (I think) and the bottom photo is the new version. I definitely prefer the old version much more, especially the angular chain guard thing-y.

Anyone know where I could get one of these in Los Angeles for a good price?
I posted a couple more photos under the cut that I thought were neat, check ’em out.


July 10, 2009