Apparati Effimeri’s Tetragram for Enlargement

I don’t know all of the details about the video above, but I do know:

A) That it’s frigging amazing.
B) They need to do this on a castle here in L.A.

Apparati Effimeri is a collection of artists from Bologna who’ve created this amazing architectural video installation called Tetragram for Enlargement. Basically they’ve precisely mapped out the surface of a castle and projected a video over the top of it. The video looks just like the surface of the castle, except when they start to tweak and distort the features of it. For example, they appear to change the light source hitting the castle, so the shadows lengthen and grow. It’s an extremely trippy thing to see.

Your best bet is to watch the video and soak it in for yourself. Also, be sure to watch it to the very end, that’s when my favorite effect happens.

Found through Fubiz


July 8, 2009