The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Owen Gatley

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Owen Gatley

Owen Gatley

Name: Owen Gatley
Degree/College: Illustration BA (hons) University of the West of England.

About Your Wallpaper:
My wallpaper pays homage to the Great Arnold Schwarzenegger, the only man on the universe whose powers of versatility know no bounds. From Mr Universe to Governor of California, no feat is too great for Arnie. He’s my inspiration.

I would definitely have to agree with Owen on this one, Ahnold is pretty awesome… except when it comes to politics, as California is kinda going to crap right now. Nonetheless, his movies are amazing and his versatility has always been astounding. Oh yeah, and Owen’s drawings are perfect and totally spot on. This should definitely make your friends and co-workers giggle.

UPDATE: I made a little mistake, Owen’s last name is Gatley, not Gateley. Sorry about that.

July 7, 2009