I love me a good vampire movie (see: Let The Right One In) and this new one called Daybreakers may just be enough to wash the bad Twilight taste out of everyone’s mouths. The film is set place in 2019, and a plague has turned most of the world into vampires. But the world is starting to run out of human blood, and soon the vampires will start turning into these beastly, psychotic versions of themselves. Enter Ethan Hawke who is a researcher looking to save the human race, and in turn, save the vampire race.

The whole thing is obviously a bit cheesy, but the directing looks sharp and the effects look extremely believable. This is a movie that could be totally cheeseball, but from the looks of it I have a lot of hope that it’ll be pretty good. Plus Willem Dafoe is in, so that’s rad.


July 3, 2009