Platoon Kunsthalle

Creating buildings and spaces out of shipping containers isn’t necessarily a new idea, but I feel like it’s still a field that can be explored more thoroughly. You have things like the illycafe, or Freitag’s beautiful store in Zurich, and to that list I’d like to add Platoon Kunstahlle. This space in Seoul is meant to be many things, an exhibit space, a bar and restaurant, a studio, offices, and even a roof top bar.

While you can still clearly see the shipping containers, the people at Platoon and Graft Architects have done a wonderful job at making it feel like a real, cohesive building. I think if anyone is going to seriously consider living or regularly occupying a space in a shipping container it needs to look less like a shipping container and more like a traditional space. Now they just need to stop building everything cool in Asia and move some of them out here.

Found through ArchDaily

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July 2, 2009