CarGo Concept Vehicle

If you’ve read this blog long enough I have an absolute affinity for small cars. I firmly believe that big cars are just stupid, unless you’re a construction worker or some kind of logger. We were all raised in smaller cars, that had no airbags, and I’m sure many of you didn’t even wear seat belts when you were growing up, and yet here we all are.

Anywho, I love this concept vehicle by Adam Schacter called CarGo. It’s kind of like a Smart car and a pick-up truck mixed into one. The truck bed sort of area can sit in three different positions; there’s a vertical, a 45ยบ angle, and a horizontal mode. So if you’re going to the grocery store you might choose vertical, but if you’re going to IKEA you’d probably use horizontal.

This flexibility also allows you to fit into smaller parking spaces, something that’s an absolute necessity here in Los Angeles. Plus it looks absolutely sci-fi, though I’d personally want one in black or a high gloss white. Dear Toyota, buy this concept and make it.


July 2, 2009